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Zoie is a lil friend of Chelsea, and Chelsea's best friend. She appears in Barbie: Dreamtopia and Dreamtopia The Series. She is voiced by Valentina Acosta. In Chelsea's mind, Zoie also doubles as Princess Orange. Zoie is very sweet and kind, and knows a lot about being gentle and selfless.


Zoie is an African American girl with a medium brown skin ton and warm brown hair. Her hair is shoulder length and simiar to an afro made up of large wavy curls. She wears an orange polka dot dress often. She also has a cat face hat. She looks the same in princess form but she has bright orange hair that is longer.


  • Chelsea (Best Friend)
  • Otto (Friend)
  • Barbie (Friend)
  • Teresa (Friend/Acquaintance)
  • Nikki (Friend/Acquaintance)
  • Other Color Princesses (Friends)