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Wee 3 Friends™ is a doll line that was first released in 2004. It was based on three best friends: Stacie, Lila and Janet. The three characters were always sold as a trio.


Stacie was described as Barbie's eight-year-old sister. Stacie had two best friends named Lila and Janet (sometimes referred to as Miranda and Alexa, respectively), and the three characters shared a birthday. The trio were close friends who went everywhere and did everything together, and stuck together no matter what. They were fashion-forward and were always sold together, so they had mix-and-match fashions. The characters were described as "sweet, stylish, fun-loving and always on the go." They liked playing dress-up, ice skating, ballet, and sleepovers. They also enjoyed playing in the snow and the rain, and playing and relaxing at the pool.

The three child-sized dolls were made to appeal to girls whose favorite things were friendship, fashion and pets. Each character had a pet puppy. The dolls came with the pet puppies, outfits and accessories for girls to create storylines for the characters. The dolls were sold in vinyl carrying cases. There was one playset, the Splash! Splash! Splash! pool that transformed from a tinted case into a pool with accessories. The Splash! Splash! Splash! dolls had a color-change feature that made it appear as if the dolls had a suntan.