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The Vintage Barbie Body, the first ever body for the Barbie Doll.

The Vintage Body is used to refer to the first body mold ever used for Barbie dolls, debuting alongside the Original Barbie in 1959.



The Original 1959 Barbie, which first introduced the Vintage Body.

The body was very simple in terms of design, having only 5 points of articulation at the arms, legs, and the head. This body was the standard Barbie body for 7 years until the introduction of the Twist 'n Turn Body in 1966, increasing the variety of doll bodies in the brand. Due to the various Body Molds that have been added to the doll line ever since, this vintage body is almost never used unless it is for a reproduction of a vintage doll for historical purposes, and even then, those are usually marketed as collector dolls.