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The Mermaid Barbie is a Gold Label collector Barbie designed by Linda Kyaw and released in 2012 in no more than 4,300 units produced. She introduced what became known as the Mermaid Face Sculpt.


The Mermaid comes dressed in a shimmery bodice decorated with rhinestones and beads in various shades of blue and silver. Her signature mermaid tail is decorated with iridescent paillettes placed on the first half of her shimmery tail, and ending with two different shades of pleated organza. Her fin is an aqua color. She comes with rooted eyelashes, coral anemone hair jewels, and glittery makeup. The Mermaid doesn't come with a traditional doll stand, but rather a custom one made just for her, molded in the shape of a rocky grotto overseen by a watery cascade, to evoke the image of a siren sitting on a rock in the ocean.


  • The Mermaid wasn't initially meant to have a new face sculpt made just for her, but rather a reused sculpt. Linda Kyaw, while designing the doll, could not think of a face sculpt that she could use with the doll, so instead a new one was created for this doll since Kyaw couldn't decide on a prior one.