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1991 Rollerblade Teresa

Teresa is a face sculpt patented in 1990 and first introduced with the Rollerblade Teresa in 1991.


The Teresa character predates the sculpt and was first introduced in 1988 with California Dream Teresa, but initially used the Spanish / Hispanic (Face Sculpt ©1990) face. With the introduction of the aforementioned Rollerblade Teresa in 1991, she got a fresh new face sculpt made specifically for her. The sculpt also became the standard face for Hispanic / Latina versions of Barbie as well throughout the 90's and for some Dolls of the World dolls. The sculpt saw frequent use throughout the 90's as Teresa's face and even continued to see use well into the 2000's, as Barbie Roberts and Christie got brand new faces and Kira was replaced by Lea, proving that the sculpt had longevity. Even as the face was retired as Teresa's official face in 2008 in the Fashion Fever line, the sculpt has never stopped seeing use and has even been used on high-end collector dolls as well.