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Product Code: 7796-1974


Release Date: 1974

Sweet 16 Barbie, Stock no 7796

In 1974 the Sweet 16 Barbie Doll, stock number 7796, was released to commemorate Barbie’s 16th birthday on March 9, 1975.  Sweet 16 Barbie, sports a long blonde shag style haircut and pretty blue eyes with painted on black eyelashes and brown brows, full pink lips and matching cheek blush. She has a twist waist and bendable 3-click legs. 7796 Sweet 16 Barbie (1974-1975) was available for only 2years!

Sweet 16 Barbie comes dressed in a long pink dotted Swiss dress, with white square closed-toe shoes, and a pink make-up compact case with 2 colors of blush that wash off with soap and water.