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1972 Busy Steffie

Steffie is a face sculpt patented in 1971 and first introduced with the Busy Steffie doll in 1972 as Steffie's official face.


The sculpt was created for a brand new Barbie friend at the time known as Steffie, who didn't last long as only three dolls with her were issued before the character was retired. Despite that, the Steffie face would live on as P.J.'s new face in the 70's, replacing her previously used Midge (Face Sculpt ©1958) face. The face would also occasionally be used for Barbie and several of her friends including Christie, Teresa, Midge, and Summer.

Due to its cute and quirky aesthetic, the sculpt soon became a fan favorite and popular with collector dolls in the Barbie line, despite initially being a playline sculpt. It has also shown to be versatile, as it has been used for AA, Hispanic / Latina, and Asian dolls especially, as the face is also described as being very Kawaii, making it a common choice for cute and Asian themed dolls. The sculpt would then get a revised version in 2013 called the Steffie - Playline (Face Sculpt ©2013) face that is used specifically for playline dolls. The differences being that the revised version is slightly bigger.