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Star Trek is a franchise based on the 1966 science-fiction television show, Star Trek: The Original Series. More information can be found on Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki.


  • 15006 - Star Trek Collector Giftset
  • 96328 - Star Trek 30th Anniversary Collector Timepiece


  • Asst. M9487 N5501 - Ken doll as Mr. Spock
  • Asst. M9487 N5502 - Ken doll as Captain Kirk
  • Asst. M9487 N5503 - Barbie doll as Lt. Uhura


  • Asst. DGW67 DGW68 - Star Trek The Original Series Spock Doll
  • Asst. DGW67 DGW69 - Star Trek The Original Series Captain Kirk Doll
  • Asst. DGW67 DGW70 - Star Trek The Original Series Lieutenant Uhura Doll
  • DVG82 - Star Trek 50th Anniversary doll
  • FNT33 - Barbie Star Trek Gift Set