Stacie Roberts is one of Barbie's younger sisters. Stacie has light brown hair and green eyes. She is a preteen and the most athletic of the Roberts.


Stacie is the sporty sister of Barbie. She is always up for an adventure or mystery. She often fights with Chelsea and gets annoyed when Chelsea copies her. Deep down Stacie loves her little sister. Her favorite color is most likely sky blue and her favorite sports are soccer and basketball.


Stacie has light brown or honey blonde hair and green eyes. She has once been seen with braces one time but is not in any film or doll. A Barbie magazine gives her height as 4'6", which contemplates that she is around eight to twelve years of age, although she looked closer to fourteen in the latest Kelly Fashion Fever Line. Her hair is often worn in a ponytail.


People confuse Stacie for Tutti, the twin sister of Todd before Mattel discontinued her in 1971. Tutti was replaced by a girl named Kelly in the 1990 Wedding Day Midge gift set as the flower girl. Kelly became Todd’s twin sister until Mattel renamed her as Stacey in 1992, and Kelly would go on to be used as the name for the youngest sibling in Barbie’s family until being replaced by Chelsea in 2011. Todd was discontinued in 1996.


  • Stacie has a pet guinea pig.
  • Stacie used to have a twin brother before Mattel discontinued him. That would explain her sporty and tomboy antics.
  • Stacie wants to be a professional soccer (football in the U.K.) player.
  • Though Stacie’s age in unknown, Stacie is most likely ten years of age. This is because she‘s 4’6", the average height of a ten-year-old. Plus in the Great Puppy Adventure, Skipper commented about Stacie thinking that there was a real pirate ship in Willows. Stacie argued, saying that she was only four years old. Chelsea was a baby when she moved to Malibu. That means there is a four-year gap between Chelsea and Stacie. Since Chelsea is six, from Happy Birthday Chelsea, Stacie is ten years old.




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