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The Shani Body Mold.

The Shani Body refers to a body mold that was first introduced with the 90's doll line The Marvelous World of Shani designed by Kitty Black Perkins, initially independent from the Barbie line.


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The Shani Dolls, the first dolls to use this body sculpt.

The body mold, introduced in 1991, is noteworthy for being created exclusively for the Shani dolls at first, before being used on several Barbie dolls, both playline and collector, ever since. The body is characterized as being shapelier, slender and more curvy than other Barbie bodies at the time. The bust size is larger compared to other Barbie bodies, and the hips and legs are slender and more curvy, along with the graceful and dainty arms. The body has the Twist 'n Turn waist but notably lacks any bend and snap knees. The body was meant to emulate and capture the shapely and curvy bodies of black women.

Even after the Shani doll line was discontinued, the body would continue to see widespread use in the Barbie line even to this day, and was a very common choice of a body for collector Barbie dolls until the introduction of the ModelMuse body, which replaced the Shani body as the standard body for collector Barbie dolls.


  • Since this new body was first introduced with the Shani line, it became known as the Shani Body, named after the main character of the series.