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Ryan is another guy friend of Barbie. He used to be known as Raquelle's brother and makes media appearances in Life in The Dreamhouse and Barbie Vlogs.

In late 2011, Ryan reappears in the Fashionistas line, AFTER being advertised as early as 2009. Images of Ryan appear in 2010 Ken doll fashion packs(pictured below) as well as a UK Barbie fashion magazine(pictured right). He would also be rebranded as Raquelle's twin brother who has a crush on Barbie. He is mainly known for being a guitarist. He debuted in 2012 in S1 EP3 of Barbie: Life in the dream house. Much like his sister, he is very conceited; containing over 120 cardboard cut-outs of himself.

After Raquelle was retired, he was revamped for Barbie Vlogs, and introduced as a Harper's best friend, and a very good friend of Barbie and Ken's. He is no longer rivals of Ken anymore. He might possibly be Harper's brother but that is unknown. He is based on the Man Bun Ken dolls.


In Life in The Dreamhouse he is a vain and arrogant playboy. He thought extremely high of himself and didn't really like anyone else except his sister and Barbie, who was his crush. Despite Ken's effort to be friends he had a bitter rivalry with him. Ryan is suave and cool, often trying way too hard to be cool. He's a big flirt, but in an annoying way.

In Barbie blogs he has a nicer personality. He is a hipster and maybe tries to hard to be cool. He has fun with Barbie and Ken, and is a charming, trendy, nice guy. He knows how to take a jok and has a good sense of humor.. He seems very friendly and a good Friend to barbie now.


Ryan has black hair, a light tan skin tone, and brown eyes. He usually dresses pretty cool, a little bit grunge like. He often is carrying his guitar. When he was revamped for the Vlogs/Dreamhouse Adventures era, he has brown hair, darker tan skin than before, and his hair is pulled into a man bun. The man bun fashionista doll is him. He wears a tribal print polo shirt.


  • Raquelle (twin sister, retired)
  • Barbie (Friend)
  • Ken (Friend)
  • Harper (Best Friend)
  • Steven (Best Friend)
  • Midge (Crush, retired)