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Pretty Changes Barbie Doll was released in 1979.


"Original outfit.

This blonde doll wore a yellow jumpsuit with a sheer lacy overskirt tied with a ribbon. She also had a long-sleeved, lacy overblouse, a lacy hat or a bodice accent, and an open-weave white nylon picture hat with a sheer yellow crown and a yellow ribbon hatband with streamers. She had a yellow-flower-decorated scarf, pink hoop/post earrings and necklace, and yellow SuperStar shoes, plus a long blonde fall, a brunette fall, a barrette, and a brush. Two variations were available:

  1. The promotional set (pictured) with free play perfume. Barbie® doll's lacy overskirt and blouse were a wave design yellow and white. Her scarf was sheer nylon and had a flower. Her jumpsuit was nylon.
  2. The similar set had a satin jumpsuit.

All images and descriptions courtesy of Collector Books, publisher of "Barbie® Doll Fashion: Volume 3" by Sarah Sink Eames.

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