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Peruvian Barbie Doll (21506)

Barbie Signature Description[]

"Peruvian Barbie doll represents one of the most beautiful and mysterious countries in South America. She wears an authentic Peruvian dress and shawl in vibrant multicolored fabric reflecting the excitement, passion and beauty of Peruvian culture. Accompanying Peruvian Barbie doll is an adorable baby dressed in a turquoise-colored diaper and a red hat." [1]


  • This doll is the closest Barbie has ever gotten to being depicted as a mother in the Barbie canon, as Barbie as a character has canonically never been a mother. The description of this doll doesn’t explicitly say the baby is her child but it’s heavily implied that the baby is, which would mean this is the first Barbie doll ever to be depicted as a mother.