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Oreo Fun Barbie is an Oreo themed special edition playline doll that was released in 1997.


"Celebrate the Barbie doll and the Oreo cookie - two of America's all time favorites!

  • The first Oreo was produced in February, 1912!
  • The first Barbie doll was sold in 1959!
  • If every Oreo cookie ever made was stacked one on top of the other, the pile would reach the moon and back FIVE times!
  • By 1994, the number of Barbie dolls sold would circle the earth SEVEN times!
  • Each Oreo takes over 90 minutes to make and contains over 90 ridges!
  • More than 125 million yards of fabric have gone into making Barbie and her friends' fashions!
  • In 1997, the Oreo cookie celebrates its 85th Anniversary as the best-selling cookie in America!
  • 1997 marks the Barbie doll's 38th year as the best-selling fashion doll in America!
  • Barbie and Oreo - the finest in fashion and taste!"


  • This doll would soon be followed by Barbie Oreo School Time Fun dolls in 2001, with the African American variant infamously being controversial.