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Octopussy Barbie, is a Black Label Collector Barbie designed by Linda Kyaw and the first doll to be released in the second wave of Barbie Loves Bond Collection, a series of dolls based on various Bond Girls from the James Bond 007 films.


Octopussy Barbie is dressed in a movie-accurate outfit, consisting of a long and belted white robe with the graphic of an octopus on the back, gold heels, and a bracelet. She also has rooted eyelashes.


  • Octopussy was the first Bond Girl doll in the series to drop the background art of a gun barrel in the box. Instead, her box's background art is from the staircase scene of the movie.
  • Octopussy is the second doll in the series to use the Daria face mold, after Dr. No Barbie. They're the only two dolls in the collection to use the same face mold.