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Product Code: 850-1963


Release Date: 1963

This doll came in new red jersey swimsuit and pearl stud earrings. To match the changing fashion trends, her lips came in softer colors (pastel pinks and corals) and became smaller, thinner. Raised brows mimicked a "surprised" look. #6 appeared to have a fuller face, and came on the new Barbie/Midge® body with the larger neck knob, gold and white wrist tag on wrist, and some had variation painted legs. This doll was available as a brunette, various shades of blonde (lemon or ash), and titian. The hair of a #6 Ponytail typically had a matte finish, rather than the shiny finish of a #5 Ponytail. There were some dolls that came packaged wearing the Fashion Queen gold/white bathing suit.