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Now Wow! is a fashion that was released in 1968.


"Wow is right! Barbie® doll stepped out in style in a pretty powder blue mini wale corduroy long-sleeved dress. Chartreuse yarn braid formed the scalloped hem border on the sleeves and the yarn ran up the front with a cute bow on the bodice. Her matching corduroy bonnet was trimmed with the yarn also. Pale blue sheer hose and blue majorette boots had painted chartreuse trim on the top and tassel front. (These boots were made from the same mold used for Barbie® doll's Drum Majorette #0875 outfit from 1964–1965. )

All images and descriptions courtesy of Collector Books, publisher of "Barbie Fashion: Volume 1" and "Barbie Fashion: Volume 2" by Sarah Sink Eames

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