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Nicole "Nikki" Watkins is a fashion doll by Mattel. She is a friend of Barbie. Nikki is African-American, and she has appeared in the franchise's movies (not in the 2023 live-action adaptation due to Barbie's cloning alongside skin colors), books, video games, and web series. She is one of Barbie's main friends. She and Teresa are one of Barbie's oldest friends who has frequently been featured in toylines, books, games, and movies. She was introduced in 1996 as Skipper's first non-white friend in the "Teen Skipper" line.


Nikki (unknown years old) was revamped to adult size in 2018 and became one of Barbie's best friend. In 2018-2019-ish, she was given a makeover with a new face mold that looked younger (since her old face mold made her look much older than Barbie and Teresa), and natural curly hair. Her hair is mostly produced in Afro puffs now. She has braids in most animation.


Nikki is a creative and savvy woman with all of new ideas. In "Barbie's Dreamhouse Adventures", she is a young business woman, and constantly makes new business ideas. She is artistic and is a fashion designer. Occasionally, she's a painter. One of her doll's accessories is a watercolor paint travel set. She liked to have fun, adventures, and hanging out with her friends. She is cool, hip, and laid back. She is very closely bonded to Teresa.


  • Nikki had a dog named Sutton, a previously trademarked Mattel name, used in My Scene.