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Nichelle Urban Hipster

Model of the Moment Nichelle (not to be confused with Nichelle from The Marvelous World of Shani or Nichelle from the Generation Girl line) was a character doll released in 2004 and was included as one of three lovely ladies (Daria, Marisa, and Nichelle) made of brand new head molds (and body molds that became known as ModelMuse) in the Model of the Moment collection. The first and only Nichelle in that line was "Nichelle Urban Hipster". She did not appear on the second wave in 2005 with Daria and Marisa.



  • Nichelle Urban Hipster


  • The initial prototype for Nichelle actually featured a reused Barbie face sculpt, the Goddess sculpt. The final product however, featured a completely new sculpt, which created a new character in Barbie world by extension. The sculpt became known as the Nichelle (Model of the Moment) sculpt, named after her.