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To celebrate International Women's Day, Mattel made a limited edition range of Never Before Barbie dolls. According to the Daily Telegraph, the dolls "represent roles in Australian public life that women have never held. The goal is to challenge any lingering ideas that those jobs should remain exclusive to men." The Never Before Barbie dolls are Chairman of the AFL, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, First Woman On The Moon, Governor of the Reserve Bank, Head of ASIO, and President of the Australian Olympic Committee.

Mattel marketing director Chedney Rodgers said, "These dolls have been created to spark a conversation around lack of gender diversity in senior leadership positions, (...) We want to help young girls move beyond historical gender inequality and ultimately inspire them to believe in themselves."[1]

Stellar magazine had Barbie on the cover of their issue that celebrated International Women's Day.[2] Stellar editor-in-chief Sarrah Le Marquand said, "Having Barbie grace the cover of an issue celebrating International Women's Day might not seem the most obvious of choices, but we pride ourselves on delivering the unexpected at Stellar, and so when we heard there were plans to create a new, limited-edition range of Barbie dolls depicting senior roles in Australia that have never been held by women, suddenly Barbie seemed the perfect fit."[3]