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My Scene: Masquerade Madness is a direct-to-DVD My Scene movie that was released in 2004. The movie was released to coincide with the My Scene Masquerade Madness doll line.

It followed the My Scene characters as they prepared for a masquerade-themed fashion show.


Voice Artist Role(s)
Kelly Sheridan Barbie
Kathleen Barr Madison
Nicole Bouma Chelsea
Tegan Moss Nolee
Teryl Rothery Rachel/Female Model
Meghan Black Delancey
Ashleigh Ball Kenzie
Mark Hildreth Sutton/Brett/Male Model
Alessandro Juliani River
Shane Meier Ellis
Kirby Morrow Hudson

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The gang's organizing a charity fashion show to raise money for a local animal shelter, with Chelsea being assigned the task of designing costumes for the show. However, she's busy with trying to improve her math grades (as she's on the verge of failing geometry), with Hudson serving as her tutor.

Chelsea's too embarrassed to admit to the rest of the gang that she's on the verge of failing her math class, so the others don't know the real why she and Hudson are spending so much time together -- in fact, the rest of the gang thinks that Hudson and Chelsea are dating but are trying to keep their supposed relationship a secret. Chelsea's cousin, Delancey, has a problem too: she and the rest of the gang are planning a surprise party for Chelsea's 16th-birthday but Delancey (who's not the best at keeping secrets) is worried that she might end up ruining the surprise for her cousin.

Nolee's the first of the gang to discover why Chelsea and Hudson have been spending so much time together -- she helps Chelsea as well by suggesting that the redhead should apply her fashion skills to her geometry assignments, noting how there's a lot of math that goes into being a fashion designer (especially when it comes to stuff like shapes and measurements). Chelsea eventually reveals to the rest of their friends on the real reason why she and Hudson have been spending so much time together and apologizes for not telling them sooner, claiming that she felt too embarrassed about doing so poorly in class to say anything. But just like Nolee, the rest of the gang is very understanding of Chelsea's predicament.

In the end, Chelsea does just fine in math (passing both the exam and the class itself with flying colors) and the charity fashion show ends up being a huge success. The surprise Sweet 16-party the gang organizes for Chelsea also ends up being a huge success.


  • "Calling All Girlfriends", performed by Emilie-Claire Barlow
  • "Live", performed by Jennifer Marks


  • It is the shortest overall My Scene movie, with a running time of 23 minutes long.
  • The doll for Ellis was canceled. His pirate costume was released instead.
  • The dolls all came with the DVD in the box with them. One part of the merchandise is Madison's house which comes with Madison. It is called the "Masquerade Madness Party Pad Loft." There is also a box with Barbie and Madison called "Dressed to Impress."
  • There are differences between the movie and the dolls:
    • Chelsea's mermaid costume has a skirt instead of a tail.
    • Barbie's wings on her butterfly costume and pants are blue and pink on the product art, and monarch colors are brown, orange, and brown in the movie, but her pants have flowers and are blue and pink on the doll.
    • Madison's kitty cat costume has a tail and leopard pattern on the doll, but not in the movie.
    • Nolee's guitar with her rockstar costume is purple, not red.
    • Delancey doesn't have a veil with her genie costume in the movie.
    • Kenzie's disco derby costume doesn't have graphics on the heart.
    • Hudson's boxing costume didn't have headgear on the doll or a jacket in the movie.
    • River's rocker costume didn't have a headset and a guitar in the movie.
    • Sutton's doll had a dog instead of a cat, and his mask is in a different color.
  • The dolls had rooted eyelashes.
  • Some of the DVDs contained a small movie poster. It is the same image that is used on the main menu.
  • Special features include two trailers; one for, and the other one for the first My Scene PC/computer game.
  • It was included in the Shopping Spree game.