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From left to right; Daria Celebutante, Nichelle Urban Hipster, and Marisa Pretty Young Thing. All three dolls are from the first wave.

Model of the Moment is a Gold Label doll collection designed by Robert Best, and featured three new characters named Daria, Marisa, and Nichelle (not to be confused with Nichelle from The Marvelous World of Shani)or Nichelle from the Generation Girl line. All three are presented as prestigious super models wearing high-quality fashion on the runway. The dolls, in addition to featuring new face sculpts, also featured a new body mold that became known as ModelMuse, which has since become the standard body used for high-end Collector Brand Barbie Dolls. The dolls came in two waves; 3 in the first and 2 in the second. The series was ultimately discontinued for unknown reasons. Despite that, the sculpts and especially the body have been used for Barbie dolls ever since.



  • C3820 - Daria Celebutante
  • C3821 - Marisa Pretty Young Thing
  • C3822 - Nichelle Urban Hipster


  • G8080 - Marisa Beach Baby
  • G8081 - Daria Shopping Queen


  • For some reason, Nichelle was the only character that was not featured in the second wave of Model of the Moment.
  • Robert Best had wanted to introduce an Asian girl into the next wave of dolls, which never happened once Model of the Moment was discontinued.
  • Marisa had a second face sculpt made for her to be used in a potential third wave of Model of the Moment, which never materialized. The sculpt would eventually resurface a few years later on a few of the Grease dolls and another version of Wicked Witch of the West.