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Cut 'n Style Princess Barbie 2014

Millie Open-Mouthed, also simply known as Millie, is a Barbie face sculpt patented in 2013, first introduced with Cut 'n Style Princess Barbie.


This face sculpt replaced the CEO / Generation Girl Face Sculpt ©1998 as Barbie's official face from 2014 and onward. Unlike her previous face sculpt, Millie is younger looking and has a more wholesome and friendly look. The face has two counterparts, the Millie Closed-Mouth (Face Sculpt ©2015) and the Millie Collector Size (Face Sculpt ©2015), that serve different functions for the doll. The faces are all virtually identical with only minor differences.


  • The name comes from Barbie's middle name, Millicent.