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Midge is a character in Barbie: The Movie. She is played by Emerald Fennell.


Midge is a doll who lives in Barbie Land. Barbie and Midge greet each other and the narrator mentions that Midge was discontinued because a pregnant doll was "too weird". Midge later goes to Barbie's blowout party. When the Mattel CEO comes to Barbie Land, he is startled by Midge because he thought she was discontinued.


  • Midge's appearance is based on the controversial pregnant Midge doll.
  • Though it is not mentioned in the movie, the Midge doll's husband and the father of her child was Allan, played by Michael Cera.
  • Midge is one of Barbie's oldest friends, first being introduced during the early 1960s. She was discontinued in 1967, she was later then replaced by PJ.
  • The media made the doll gain attention in 2002 when she was released as a pregnant doll; this made parents worry about teens having a child.
  • Her series was Happy Family Midge & Baby Dolls (56664)