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Medusa Barbie is a Gold Label collector Barbie designed by Linda Kyaw and released in 2008 as the first entry into the Greek Goddess Series. She was produced in a quantity of no more than 5,400 dolls.


Medusa Barbie comes dressed in an outfit reminiscent of a snake, with a green corset and a chiffon fishtail skirt that resembles a snake belly. Her jewelry includes snake earrings, snake necklace, snake arm cuffs with ruby jewel eyes, and her pair of golden pumps adorned with snake-themed straps. Her hair is styled in auburn curls with product to keep the shape. The curls are meant to evoke snakes, foreshadowing the monster she will eventually become.

The doll was marketed to adult collectors, and is meant as a display piece only. Her fashion, accessories, and even her hair are sewn onto her body, as she is not meant to be played with as a toy.


  • Though included as a member of the Greek Goddess Series, lore-wise, the Medusa was not a Greek Goddess but rather a monster.