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2000 Generation Girl - Dance Party Mari

Mari is a face sculpt patented in 1998 and first introduced with the Generation Girl - Dance Party Mari doll in 2000.


For the Generation Girl line, Barbie's new Asian friend Mari got a brand new face sculpt made exclusively for her, and it would only be used for both Mari dolls in the line before it was discontinued. With the introduction of the Lea / Kayla (Face Sculpt ©2000) face in 2002 as the standard Asian face in the Barbie line, Mari would not be used again until 15 years later when Carlyle Nuera reintroduced the face in 2016 with the Chiffon Ball Gown Barbie, a Barbie Fan Club exclusive doll. Ever since, Mari now occasionally sees use as a collector sculpt in the Barbie line for Asian dolls.