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Posted July 13, 2021.


"My very first vlog from my dorm room where I'm studying at the Handler School of Performing Arts in New York City wouldn't be complete without the intro of my amazing new friend – Barbie Roberts! What are the odds? TWO Barbies at the same school with the same name! I can't wait for you all to meet her and know you'll all love her just as much as I do. Wouldn't want to take on the Big Apple with anyone else!"[1]


[Note: This vlog features two different characters named Barbie Roberts. The original Barbie's official nickname is Malibu, and the new Barbie character is officially nicknamed Brooklyn. This transcript refers to them by their nicknames.]

[Malibu is sitting on a bed in a dorm room.]
Malibu: Hey! So, the vlog might seem a little different, and that's because it's my very first time filming in my dorm room! I am doing this summer program at this amazing performing arts school in New York City, and I want to introduce you to one of my closest friends out here, and my roommate...
[Brooklyn sits next to Barbie.]
Brooklyn: Hey, y'all! I'm Barbie Roberts.
Both: I know, right?
[Brooklyn laughs.]
Malibu: I mean, what are the odds that two roommates would have the exact same name?
Brooklyn: But don't worry. We've got the whole name thing figured out. Since Barbie here's from Malibu in sunny CA, she's Malibu. And since I'm from right here in the Big Apple—Brooklyn to be exact—I'm Brooklyn.
Malibu: I thought Brooklyn could do sort of an unboxing, sharing some of her things from around our dorm room so you could get to know her and love her like I do.
[There is a cut and then a cardboard box is next to Brooklyn. She takes out her journal.]
Brooklyn: First of course, my journal. I mean what says more about me than me? I do a lot of journaling. I get so much great inspiration for lyrics here. Oh, I'm really big on writing music.
Malibu: Oh. And she is so good!
Brooklyn: Oh thanks! [laughs] Here's the last thing I wrote before I joined the summer program: "I hope I meet some really cool and talented people." [looks at Barbie] Well, that came true! [laughs]
Malibu: Aww!
[There is a cut and Brooklyn holds up a photo of her parents.]
Brooklyn: And of course my parents. Oh, I love this photo. I really miss them. Even though they're only about a 10 minute subway ride from the school, [a graphic shows that her parents live in Manhattan] just having this photo nearby makes them seem so much closer. We always have so much fun together at the games, even if our team doesn't do so hot sometimes. But, hey, you gotta stay loyal. [It cuts to Brooklyn picking up her guitar.] And last but not least, my guitar.
Malibu: Oh, yeah.
Brooklyn: My guitar's been with me since day one. Sometimes when I'm in my room, it's just me and her talking to each other, jamming out.
Malibu: She is such a triple threat! [Counting on fingers] She sings, she acts, she dances, she makes music... [realizes she is holding up four fingers] She is such a quadruple threat!
[They both laugh.]
Brooklyn: You would know! We already have that in common, and so much more.
Malibu: Thanks for doing this with me.
Brooklyn: It was fun. But you know what would be more fun? Playing some music!
Malibu: Oh, yeah, like that song we've been writing.
Brooklyn: Yes!
[It cuts to Barbie holding her own guitar. Someone knocks on the door.]
Brooklyn: Sounds like our pizza's here!
Malibu: I hate to admit it, but New York pizza's actually pretty good.
[Delivery woman knocks on the door.]
Delivery woman: Pizza delivery for Barbie Roberts!
Malibu and Brooklyn: Which one?! [laughs]
Malibu: So, I guess, that's our cue to wrap this up. But don't worry, you will be seeing lots of Brooklyn on the vlog... and maybe we'll even finally finish our song.
Brooklyn: [Laughs] Ooh, I love the motivation. I better start writing.
Malibu: Do you remember how we end this?
Brooklyn: Yeah!
Both: P.A.C.E.