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Product Code: 880


Release Date: 1/1/1964

To grandmother's house she goes - but beware Barbie® doll, the big, bad wolf may be waiting for you! Wearing a blue dress with tiny white dots, a separate black felt corset with yellow laces and long white cotton socks with unusual black "leatherette" shoes, Barbie® doll played the title role in this frightful fable. Accessories included a red cape of fleece with a hood and a tie at the neck, and a soft straw basket featuring a red and white checked un-hemmed napkin liner and six rolls for Grandma (They were made of yellow wax topped with red paint and were molded together as one piece. ). The wolf was included, too - a gray plush wolf head for Ken® doll, featuring an attached blue with black dots bow tie, and two disguises (a red and black hounds tooth corduroy hunter's cap and a white with pink dots Grandma's cap with lace edging). A full-color theatre program was also included.

All images and descriptions courtesy of Collector Books, publisher of "Barbie Fashion: Volume 1" and "Barbie Fashion: Volume 2" by Sarah Sink Eames