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Let's Baby-Sit Baby Krissy is a browser game featuring Barbie's baby sister, Krissy.


"Barbie Friend, thanks for babysitting Krissy for me! You'll do great!"

The gameplay is randomised, and three mini-games are played each time. When the game is complete, the player can print a picture of Krissy holding a certificate that reads, "Job well done! Barbie Friend is an official Barbie baby-sitter!" Next to the certificate is a badge that says, "SUPER BABYSITTER".

  • Will you dress baby Krissy? Click on the clothes to dress baby Krissy.
  • Baby Krissy and her friend want to play with you! Click on your favorite ride to make it go.
  • Time to feed baby Krissy! Click on what you want to feed baby Krissy.
  • Can you choose food for baby Krissy? Click on the food you want to put in the cart.
  • Will you give baby Krissy a bath? Click on things to use them to bathe baby Krissy.
  • Will you show baby Krissy how to build a sandcastle? Click on the tools in the sand to start building.