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The Land of Sparkle Fairies is a location in the Kelly Dream Club Video episode "Sparkle Fairy Surprise". It is colorless until the sparkle fairies use their magic to give it color early each morning. Kelly, Keeya and Chelsie are transported there by their dream lockets. The environment is lush with a lot of plants, and the area they arrive in has a river.

Notable Places[]

Crystal Caves[]

Inside of the Crystal Mountain are the Crystal Caves. To get to the other side of Crystal Mountain, Kelly and her friends had to go through the caves. A map that Ruby gave them to guide them to the Garden of Jewels did not say which specific tunnels should be used to get to the other side of the mountain.

Chelsie thinks she sees something, so she runs away from Keeya and Kelly and gets lost. It is dark so Keeya trips over, and Kelly looks in a bag that Ruby gave her to find a light source. She uses a clam with a bright pearl to light up the caves, and they find Chelsie. They use teamwork to get out of the cave, and get to Sparkle Lake.

Sparkle Lake[]

Sparkle Lake can be found at the other side of Crystal Mountain. It is very large, and Kelly and her friends needed to cross it to get to the Garden of Jewels. Three swans with saddles showed up and transported the girls across the lake.

Garden of Jewels[]

There is a stone archway with a gate. On top of the archway is the Stone Fairy, who is inside a flower bud. The gate is purple and yellow, and large. To get into the garden, a riddle by the Stone Fairy must be solved. The garden has flowers and bushes with jewels in them. There is a waterfall that leads to a river (which has a bridge going over it), and a lot of trees such as willow trees. Kelly and her friends only stay in the garden long enough to become sparkle fairies, and then they fly over the walls to bring color to the Land of Sparkle Fairies.