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Ken a Go Go is a fashion that was released in 1966.


"Ages: For the adult collector.

Ken® doll went mod with his first gig at the local nightspot. He sang and played his guitar (the orange ukulele seen in Ken® In Hawaii #1404 with a black cord neck strap added). His adjustable gray metal and plastic microphone was like the one found in Solo In The Spotlight #982. His wild shirt was a striped fabric in blue, yellow and red with red collar and sleeves. It topped gold twill zippered slacks. He wore red knit socks with his bouncy white tennis shoes. Ken® doll's crew cut had not grown out yet, so he donned a fun faux fur black wig and made a hit at the club!

All images and descriptions courtesy of Collector Books, publisher of "Barbie Fashion: Volume 1" and "Barbie Fashion: Volume 2" by Sarah Sink Eames

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