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The Kelly Dream Club™ Video was released in 2002. A VHS tape of it was included in gift sets. It was followed by the Kelly Sweetsville Video.

Official Description

"Sparkle Fairy Surprise" - "Using their magic dream lockets, Kelly, Chelsie and Keeya transport themselves to the colorful world of the sparkle fairies. But in order to earn their wings and become true sparkle fairies, they have to find the fabled Garden of Jewels. It's a quest full of laughs, surprises, and challenges that not only test each girl's abilities, but also teaches them the value of teamwork."

"Three Princesses" - "Ever wonder what it would be like to be a princess for a day? Kelly, Chelsie, and Keeya find out where their magic dream lockets whisk them away to a royal kingdom. But when being a pampered princess means being kept out of all the fun, the girls decide to shake up the kingdom, mocking the royal - and reminding themselves - that being responsible for yourself can be a lot of fun too."


"Sparkle Fairy Surprise"

Kelly, Chelsie and Keeya are in Kelly's clubhouse. Keeya and Kelly are wearing fake wings so they can pretend to be fairies. Kelly is putting fake wings on to Chelsie's back. They leave the treehouse and Barbie brings them a cardboard box that contains a lemonade stand. Kelly, Chelsie and Keeya cannot decide what colour or design to give the lemonade stand, but Barbie is sure they will work it out. She leaves to answer a phone, and Kelly argues with her friends about the lemonade stand. Still unable to decide, they go back to talking about fairies. They use their magic dream lockets and say an incantation that transports them to the Land of Sparkle Fairies.

The trio are unsure of where they are, and the land is colorless. Three sparkle fairies fly over the land and use magic to make the environment colorful. One of the fairies, Ruby, is distracted while she flies and she crashes into a bush. Kelly and her friends help Ruby and they all introduce themselves. Ruby tells them where they are they tell her that they want to be fairies. Ruby tells them that they must find the Garden of Jewels and pick a jewel they like so that they can become sparkle fairies, and she gives them her bag and a map.

Ruby leaves them and they follow the map to the Crystal Caves. They need to go through the caves to get to the other side of Crystal Mountain, so they walk through it until they get lost. Chelsie runs away from her friends, thinking she knows where to go, but the three girls don't know how to find each other again. Kelly finds a clam in Ruby's bag that has a bright pearl inside, and it lights up the cave so that they can see where they are going. They find Chelsie and she apologises for running away so fast. They work together and get to the other side of Crystal Mountain to find a Sparkle Lake.

Swans with saddles help Kelly, Keeya and Chelsie to cross the lake. They walk towards the Garden of Jewels, but the gate is locked. The Stone Fairy appears and tells the girls to solve a riddle to gain access to the garden. They disagree with the solution like they did when trying to decide how to paint the lemonade stand, but they end up agreeing to include everyone's opinions. The Stone Fairy accepts their answer and she unlocks the Garden of Jewels.

The girls run into the garden. Keeya uses an emerald to turn herself into an Emerald Princess. Chelsie uses a sapphire to turn herself into a Sapphire Princess. Kelly uses a diamond to turn herself into a Diamond Princess. Their transformations have made them gain wings. Ruby finds them and they fly with their new wings. They use magic to make the garden colorful, and they give Ruby a flower they colored as a present. They say goodbye and say an incantation so that they can go back to Kelly's treehouse. The three friends paint their lemonade stand in a way that makes them all happy, and Barbie and Tommy are their first customers.

"Three Princesses"

While playing dress-up, Kelly, Chelsie and Keeya make a mess. Afterwards, they want to help Barbie bake cookies, but Barbie suggests that they clean up first. The girls wish they were real princesses so they could wear gowns and practice their royal waves while other people cleaned up after them. They use their dream lockets and are transported to a royal palace. They try on different gowns, and make another mess in the process. The royal organizer finds them and summons maids to clean for them. The maids then pamper Kelly and her friends for that night's Princess Ball, which is held in their honor.

During a tour of the palace, Kelly, Keeya and Chelsie want to help with the baking in the royal kitchen, but the royal organizer does not want them to muss themselves. He sends them away to practice their royal waves, which they find very boring. They see a playground and try to play in it, but the royal organizer summons funsters to have fun for them. Then the girls are told that because they are royalty, everything will be done for them. When they try to have a pillow fight later on, the funsters are summoned to have the pillow fight for them. Then, guests start to arrive for the Princess Ball, so the girls go to greet them.

At the ball, music plays but no one dances. Kelly tries to dance with Tommy to liven things up, but the royal organizer has the funsters dance for them. Kelly makes a royal proclamation that everyone will dance for themselves and then have a pillow fight. The royal organizer is shocked at the royals doing things and so he faints. The girls get hungry for Barbie's cookies, so they use their lockets to leave the princess world. They take responsibility and clean up, and then they join Barbie in baking cookies.


Kelly Chantal Stand
Chelsie Britt McKillip
Keeya Shannon Chan Kent
Barbie Kelly Sheridan
Tommy Danny McKinnon
Ruby Andrea Libman
Stone Fairy Shirley Miliner
Royal Organizer Christopher Gaze
Royal Walla Kathleen Barr
Royal Walla William Samples
Royal Walla Mark Oliver