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Japan Ken Doll, also known as Samurai Ken, is a Pink Label collector Ken designed by Linda Kyaw and released as both the first Asian Ken and the first Ken in the Dolls of the World collection.

The Barbie Collection Description[]

"Japan Ken® doll is the first Ken® to appear in the Dolls of the World® Collection. Featuring a brand new face sculpt, Ken looks both handsome and exotic. His Samurai-inspired costume features a high collared ankle-length coat, knee high silver/black buckled boots, white fingerless glove on left hand. In addition to his costume, it is Ken’s long “sword”—the Katana—that symbolizes honor in Japanese culture." [1]


  • To date, he is the only male doll in the Dolls of the World collection, which was previously a Barbie only collection.
  • He introduced what became known as the Japan Ken Face Sculpt, also known as the Samurai Sculpt, made exclusively for him. To date, he is the only doll to use this face mold.