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How Can I Refuse? reprise is sung when Preminger is singing to Queen Genevieve in the palace, to her to convince her to marry him.


Queen Genevieve (speaking):

You can't bring my daughter back.

Preminger (speaking):

Too true, but I can provide the answer to saving your kingdom. A little business venture of mine was very successful. You could say I struck gold! I'm as wealthy as King Dominick.


Well your good luck has departed

And your people soon will starve.

Au revoir to your foie gras and cheese fondues!

But because I'm so good hearted,

Half my fortune I will carve!

I feel your pain so

How could I refuse?

But to give me some incentive,

There's just one thing I require,

And it's something that you'd never even use!

And it's nothing that inventive,

Just the one thing I desire:

This simple crown yes

How could I refuse?

Oh don't let your spirits falter,

I've a ring box in my hand!

And I've booked a band so grab your dancing shoes!

And come with me to the altar,

Save the kingdom as you planned!

Yes, marry me, for

How could you refuse?

How can you refuse?