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For ages 6 and over.

Product Features[]

"There's something perpetually trendy about Hello Kitty, the globally renowned icon that's embraced by kids and fashionistas alike. And who better to keep fingers on the fun fashion pulse than Barbie® doll? Our favorite style maven adds whimsy to dark "denim" jeans and a black and white top through flirty Hello Kitty accessories — in pink, of course! From the hip white jacket and bold pink belt to the hat, necklace and super-cute bag, Barbie® doll displays the Hello Kitty logo everywhere, with pride. And why not? When fashion and fun collide, it's always a fabulous affair.

  • Designer: Bill Greening
  • ©1976, 2007 SANRIO CO., LTD. Used under license.
Fashion designed especially for the ModelMuse™ doll body. Not for use with other dolls.

SKU #: L4687"[1]