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Golden Beach Elementary School is the school that Chelsea goes to.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures[]

In "Pied Pupper", Chelsea has to do a project for school.

Barbie Annual 2022[]

In Barbie Annual 2022, there is a story called "You Can Be A Teacher". Barbie volunteers to help out at Golden Beach Elementary School for a day. Barbie meets a teacher named Miss Liang. Chelsea has a friend named Bonnie who uses a wheelchair, and a friend named Anthony who has red hair. Barbie helps Anthony with counting. Chelsea introduces Barbie to the school guinea pig, Miss Nibbleton. Barbie meets Miss Laffi, the music teacher, and Principal Kannard. During play time, Barbie sees a girl sitting by herself. Barbie and Chelsea invite her to play with them. Barbie and the students do PE with Mrs Desai. At the end of the day, Barbie reads to the class. Chelsea thinks she has the best school and that Barbie is the best teacher.