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Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie is a Gold Label collector Barbie designed by Bill Greening and released as the premiere doll in the Space Goddess Series. She was produced at no more than 4,200 units.


Get ready to go gaga for Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie doll, with out of the world, over the top glamour courtesy of designer Bill Greening. This bold beauty wears a molded metallic corset embellished with fuchsia "jewels" above a layered underskirt of shimmering fabric, a dramatic pinstripe cape, and silvery forearm and leg cuffs. Silvery rings with "jeweled" accents orbit an up-do with twisted platinum braids, and her dramatic face paint features ultra long, "applied", feathered lashes. She stands strong in thigh-high platform boots, with a look that says she's here to conquer the universe in fabulous fierce fashion!


  • Though the series is called the Space Goddess series, she is the only doll in the collection who's actually a Goddess.