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1999 Fantasy Goddess of Africa

Fantasy Goddess of Africa Barbie 1999

Goddess, sometimes referred to as Angel, is a face sculpt patented in 1998, first introduced with the Bob Mackie doll Fantasy Goddess of Africa Barbie.


For the second doll in Bob Mackie's International Beauty Collection, the Goddess of Africa doll got a brand new afro-centric face sculpt that would then be used for the fourth doll in the series, Fantasy Goddess of the Americas Barbie. Created initially for collector dolls before making its transition into the playline dolls, Goddess is a fan favorite and very popular face sculpt, particularly for its versatility. The face, primarily used on AA dolls, has been represented as several races and ethnicities throughout its use, most commonly as an Asian girl as well.


  • The sculpt gets its name from the Goddess dolls in the International Beauty Collection, who debuted the sculpt. The name Angel comes from the 1999 Angel of Peace Barbie from the Timeless Sentiments Collection, who was also a popular doll to use the face.