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Gay Parisienne #964 is a fashion that was released and manufactured in 1959. It is considered a rare outfit because, along with Easter Parade and Roman Holiday, it was only produced in 1959.


All heads turn when Barbie doll wore the ultimate in late 50's glamour — the bubble dress! This ensemble is definitely one of the most desirable, not only for its rarity but for its beauty and significance in depicting the high style of the period. The dress was fashioned in a deep blue pindot rayon taffeta with accent self-bows edged in white. These bows adorned the hem in front and the top of the zipper closing in the back. Many accessories included a glamorous veiled headband hat in matching blue tulle. A fluffy "Barbie" labeled faux fur stole with white satin lining, long white tricot gloves, and deep blue open-toe pumps added more excitement to the evening look. No outfit was complete without jewelry and in this case, a graduated strand of faux pearls and matching earrings did the trick. A small gold velvet clutch with gold bead closure, lined in white satin completed the ensemble.

It was reproduced in 1998 and 2002. See Gay Parisienne Barbie Doll (9973) and Gay Parisienne Barbie Doll (57610).