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Fashionistas Web Series

Barbie Fashionistas is a 2010 web series that was on It is based on the doll line of the same name. Each episode was about 5 minutes long, and the episodes were available from November 27, 2010, but were later removed.


  • Artsy, a creative girl who likes fashion design. She is skilled at creating fashionable outfits in a short time span.
  • Cutie, voiced by Tara Platt. Cutie is giggly, playful, and clumsy. She spends a lot of money when she goes shopping.
  • Glam, voiced by Laura Bailey. Glam is a confident, trendsetting fashion expert. She is graceful, poised, and does ballet.
  • Sassy, voiced by Stephanie Sheh. Sassy is never nervous and she has always wanted to be the front-woman of a rock band.
  • Sporty, voiced by Kate Higgins. Sporty loves being athletic and she is the regional volleyball champion.
  • Sweetie, voiced by Cassandra Morris. Sweetie has a bubbly personality.
  • Cutie Boy
  • Sporty Boy

Theme Song[]

Fashion, fashion, fashionista
Wanna be a fashionista
Fashion, fashion, fashionista
Wanna be a fashionista
Wanna be a fashionista

Feeling sassy, or am I looking glam?
I'm acting sporty 'cause I know I can
I'm being artsy, but I'm always sweet
I'm looking cute, my look's complete

My style, your style, all girl
My tribe, your tribe, one world
My style, your style, all girl
My tribe, your tribe, one world

Wanna be a fashionista


"Rock On"[]

While Sassy waits for a music audition, she thanks her friends for coming with her to support her. During the audition, Sassy finds out the music will be a jingle for a dog food commercial. She loses interest, but her friends encourage her to make the most of the opportunity. They remind her of how she performed a rock version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" when she was in kindergarten.

Sassy auditions by singing a rock version of the dog food jingle. Sassy's audition is not well-received, but her friends reassure her that another opportunity will come along. Coincidentally, a man overheard Sassy's audition due to the room having weak sound-proofing. He asks Sassy to cover for the lead vocalist in his band for their upcoming gig. Sassy accepts and her friends cheer. Sassy goes to meet the band and she starts rehearsing with them.

"Life's a Beach"[]

The girls go to the beach, and they are greeted by Sporty Boy and Cutie Boy. Cutie Boy says they are going to a movie premiere, and he has invites the girls to join them. Cutie says they have nothing to wear, but Artsy says they'll be ready to leave in 15 minutes. She tells her friends to give her all their beach gear so she can make six red-carpet outfits. The girls have confidence in Artsy's ability to handle fashion emergencies.

It becomes so windy that the girls find it hard to get ready, but Artsy manages to make six individual looks that show off each girl's personality. The boys return and compliment the girls. Artsy makes fun of Cutie Boy for thinking they wouldn't be ready in time. The girls take a limo to the movie premiere with Cutie Boy and Sporty Boy, and they have fun posing and smiling for the cameras on the red carpet.

"Cafe Couture Cutie"[]

The girls go to Cafe Couture. They wonder where Cutie is because she said she had news. They are shocked to see that Cutie is working as a waitress the cafe. Cutie tells her friends that she had to get a summer job because of how much money she spent on her credit card. She keeps dropping things, so a staff member warns her that she will be fired on her first day if she doesn't make a good impression on the cafe's owner. Cutie asks her friends for help.

Glam teaches Cutie how to balance by walking with a book on her head; Sassy tells Cutie to be confident; Sweetie advises Cutie to smile so that other people will smile, too; Artsy tells Cutie to be creative so that the job is more enjoyable for her and the customers; and Sporty advises Cutie to focus and not get distracted. Cutie follows her friends' instructions, and the cafe owner likes Cutie so much that she gives her a 50% gift certificate. Cutie plans to go shopping with her friends.

"Game On!"[]

The girls are in the audience while Sporty Boy competes in a championship soccer game. The game is tied. Glam is more interested in her makeup than the game. Unfortunately, Sporty Boy twists his ankle with one minute left, and there is no substitute player. Glam suggests wrapping his ankle in her Parisian scarf, but the wind blows it away. Glam goes onto the field to chase after her scarf, the referee mistakes her for a substitute player and blows his whistle for the game to continue.

Glam is so focused on catching her scarf that she doesn't notice she is kicking the soccer ball. Glam's friends cheer for her, and she realizes she is part of the game. Her scarf continues to blow away, and another player takes the ball from Glam. She decides to sacrifice her scarf and put Sporty Boy's championship first. Glam gets the ball back and scores a goal, winning the championship for Sporty Boy's team. Sweetie gets Glam's scarf for her, and Glam takes a photo with the soccer team.

"Save the Date"[]

Sporty Boy asks Sporty on a date. Sporty feels nervous, so she asks her friends for help. They tell her what to wear, to be confident, bring a pet as an ice-breaker, and try something new. Sporty thanks her friends and follows heir advice. She goes to the date wearing a sun hat, a gown and awkward heels, and she brings a pig with her.

Sporty and Sporty Boy feel awkward on their date, so Sporty Boy offers Sporty some popcorn. She eats some and tries to walk with him, but she loses her balance and hits Sporty Boy. She apologizes and he jokes that she has a "wicked backhand". Sporty laughs hard, revealing some popcorn stuck in her teeth. They play Wack-a-Weasel together, but Sporty accidentally hits Sporty Boy's hand. Sporty asks her friends for advice, and they tell her to be herself. Sporty Boy still wants to spend time with Sporty, so they go for a walk on the beach.

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