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1985 Barbie And The Rock Stars Diva 2427 (1)

1986 Barbie and the Rockers - Diva

Diva, also referred to as Midge, is a face sculpt patented in 1985 and first introduced with the character Diva in the Barbie and the Rockers doll line.


With the introduction of a new Barbie friend, a new face sculpt was molded for her known as Diva. It was used for all of the Diva dolls in the aforementioned doll line Barbie and the Rockers, before it became the official face for Midge in 1990 with the Disco Midge doll, even after the Diva character was retired. The face was created initially for playline dolls, though it would occasionally be used for some collector dolls throughout the 90's. The sculpt would continue to be used as Midge's face until it was retired in 2004, only seeing occasional use as a collector face ever since.