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Darth Vader Barbie is a Gold Label collector Barbie designed by Robert Best, and released as the third (and final) entry in the first wave of Star Wars x Barbie dolls. She was produced at no more than 22,200 units.


Created in the impression of Barbie wearing Darth Vader inspired fashion, the doll is dressed in a head-to-toe shiny-black ensemble consisting of a black bodice with shiny black boots and a metallic clutch reminiscent of Vader's breathing control box. Metallic details at her collar and waist, dark glasses and an emblematic black cape finish the look. Her hair is styled to resemble a helmet, in reference to Vader's famous dome helmet.


  • She is actually the most widely available of the Star Wars Barbie dolls, being produced at 22,200 units, more than the other Gold Label dolls in the collection.