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Circus Barbie, designed by guest designer Bob Mackie, is a Gold Label collector doll released in 2010 as part of the Bob Mackie Barbie Dolls Collection.


Circus Barbie is described as being a "ringmaster" of glamourous fashion by Mackie himself. The doll wears an ensemble resembling a stylish trapeze artist's costume, with a laced coat decorated with red plumes, high-heeled boots and a star-studded golden top hat, a pair of gloves (that also continue to her hands, which are painted red), and an elaborate golden trapeze swing.

Circus Barbie is advertised to the adult collector, as the doll is sewn into her clothes, and therefore are not removable. The doll herself can be taken off of the swing but she will remain in that fixed position, as she is permanently posed as pictured. She has only three-point articulation, as her arms and head can move but her legs are permanently crossed. She is a display piece and not meant to be used as a toy.


  • Circus Barbie had a body molded specifically for her. She doesn't have any parts to her construction that have been seen in other dolls (not counting her Mackie face sculpt). To date, she is the only Barbie to have this body, dubbed the "Circus Body".