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Chelsea Roberts is Barbie's youngest sister. She was originally named Kelly, but she was known as Shelly in Europe. She was renamed Chelsea in 2010 so that she could be known worldwide by one name.[1][2]


Chelsea is Barbie's 6 year old little sister. Chelsea is a small child sized doll with blue eyes and blonde hair, like her sister Barbie. In animation, she usually has pigtails. She usually wears a graphic t-shirt, with overalls or a skirt. She is more mature looking and acting than Kelly, but still pretty young, in appearance and acting.


Chelsea new bio

Chelsea's current look and bio.

Chelsea is a young girl, who is elementary school age, but much younger than Stacie. She is charming, silly, cute and friendly. She acts slightly younger than her age but is surprisingly smart and level headed when she makes herself be. She's playful and curious, and loves going on new adventures with her sisters. She has a childlike sense of wonder, and believes in things like mermaids and fairies. She is a little more mischievous and cheeky than Kelly was, and unlike Kelly's innocence and absolute sweetness, she often plays pranks and gets into trouble.


Chelsea has many friends, which are also available to buy as dolls. Her friends were sold after the first Chelsea dolls were made in 2011. Special limited edition holiday dolls were sold in Target stores until 2015. In 2014, a new line, Chelsea and Friends was created and included 6 dolls, 2 were different versions of Chelsea and the rest were friends. The line also included Darrin, a boy doll, similar to Tommy, which was the first boy Chelsea doll made. As of 2015, Chelsea dolls now have painted on tops and removable skirts/shorts instead of removable clothes for mix and match play. Chelsea dolls are still sometimes sold with clothing. In 2017, a new line named Club Chelsea was introduced with 7 different dolls with bigger eyes. Previously, there were no official Barbie separate clothing sets for Chelsea; all Chelsea clothes were sold with dolls. In December 2018, Chelsea doll fashion accessory packs were released. Each fashion accessory pack has a different theme and usually includes an item of clothing, shoes, and accessories. There are 6 different fashion packs currently available, such as bedtime, rainy day, dance, birthday party, roller skater, and bathtime. All Chelsea boy dolls sold since 2017 have molded hair and come with removable clothes.