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Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts is a character that was introduced in 2021. She is from Brooklyn, New York and has the same name as Barbie "Malibu" Roberts.


Brooklyn was introduced in 2021 as a prominent lead in content and publishing with the aim of ensuring Black girls could see themselves as lead characters.[1] Brooklyn's first appearance was in the Barbie vlog "MEET MY NEW FRIEND BARBIE!", posted on YouTube on July 13, 2021.[2] Brooklyn's first movie appearance was Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams. In the movie, Brooklyn met the other Barbie Roberts during a summer program at a performing arts school named Handler Arts Academy. They nicknamed each other based on where they were from and quickly became best friends. They also befriended a student named Rafa. Brooklyn and Malibu performed in New York together at an event and were introduced by Brooklyn's childhood friend Emmie.

Brooklyn made appearances in YouTube videos such as the Barbie's Dreamworld series. She later appeared in the series Barbie: It Takes Two, where Malibu moves to New York to live with Brooklyn while they attend Handler for a year. They recorded a music demo for a music mogul and Brooklyn was offered a chance to go to acting school. In between seasons 1 and 2 of It Takes Two, the movie Barbie: Mermaid Power was released. Brooklyn, Malibu and Malibu's sisters transformed into mermaids and gained magical powers. The mermaid version of Brooklyn was later seen in the credits for the live action movie.

Brooklyn had her own vlog series named Barbie: Life in the City. When the series was announced, Fred Soulie (senior vice president and general manager, Mattel Television) stated, "Since her introduction in Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams, Brooklyn has become a favorite among fans, and we look forward to telling more of her story in a variety of upcoming projects." Brooklyn also appeared in the interactive movie Barbie: Epic Road Trip, where she went on a road trip with Malibu, Skipper and Ken. In 2023, Brooklyn and Malibu had another show named Barbie: A Touch of Magic. Brooklyn moved to next door to Malibu after they found a magical pegasus together. Brooklyn also appeared in Barbie & Barbie On Set.

On June 15, 2023, the Barbie Color Creations app was released. The app is narrated by Brooklyn.[3]


Brooklyn's parents are Simone and Kelvin (also known as Kel). Simone is a pilot and Kelvin is an architect who enjoys cooking. Her parents were first seen in Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams. Brooklyn and her parents lived in New York before moving to California in Barbie: A Touch of Magic. Brooklyn has a grandmother named Viola, who was introduced in Barbie: It Takes Two along with Brooklyn's god-siblings Jayla and Jackson. In the Barbie vlog "Cooking With My Dad for Black History Month!", Kelvin mentioned that Viola was born in Harlem but has roots in South Carolina. He also mentioned that they had enslaved ancestors from West Africa.[4] In Barbie: Life in the City episode 10, "My NYC House Tour!", Brooklyn mentioned that her great-grandfather was from Jamaica.[5]

Dolls and Playsets[]

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  • GJY22 - Barbie Big City Big Dreams™ Doll
  • GYG40 - Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams™ Playset
  • GXT04 - Barbie Big City Big Dreams™ Doll And Accessories
  • HDF74 - Barbie It Takes Two “Brooklyn” Camping Doll and Accessories
  • ? - My First Barbie Barbie “Brooklyn”
  • ? - Barbie Signature 2022 Holiday Barbie Doll in Silver Gown
  • ? - Barbie: Mermaid Power "Brooklyn" Roberts Doll Pet and Accessories





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