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The Belly Button Style Body Sculpt

The Belly Button Body is used to describe a body mold that was introduced in 1999 as the new standard body for playline dolls in the 2000's. It is also sometimes referred to as the Navel Body


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The Belly Button Body still retained bend and snap knees.

The body is characterized as having a navel, hence the name, and a wider waist and hips. The bust size was also slightly smaller, especially if you compare it to a Shani Body. Dolls with this body also sometimes had the enlarged head sculpts. This body notably lacked the Twist 'n Turn Waist, as it had to be dropped to accommodate the shape of the hips and waist. The dolls still retained the bend and snap knees though, that were used for the aforementioned body. This body was created to curb the criticisms that Barbie bodies prior had unrealistic proportions, and the wider waist was the most noticeable change in this new body. Due to the wider proportions though, dolls with this body usually couldn't wear clothes or fashions from prior decades, due to them having been stitched to fit the Twist 'n Turn, Shani, or Superstar Body.