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Barbie® Pet Pals Gift Set

Ages: 3+


Product Features[]

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Barbie® is a true friend to animals everywhere, whether it's an adorable dog about to welcome three new puppies into the world, or a horse that's ready to take Barbie® on a ride into imagination! The Newborn Pups Doll and Pets set comes with a doggie bed and three puppies whose eyes can "open" with icy water. The DreamHorse interacts with you via touch, sound, and sensor reaction - nuzzling, neighing, and even "feeding." Who could resist bringing any of these beloved pets home with them?

  • The gift set includes:
  • FDD43 Barbie® Newborn Pups Doll & Pets
  • FDB39 Barbie® and her DreamHorse
  • Each item in this Gift Set packaged separately.

SKU #: FXC65[1]