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Dreamtopia mermaid doll DHM61

DHM61 Dreamtopia package

Package with Dreamtopia logo

Released in 2016 this dreamtopia mermaid gem fashion doll stands at 12 inches (32 cm) tall, themed after gems she comes with a removable tail which can be opaque or transparent depending on the doll. The tail comes separated from the doll in box. The doll wears a transparent tiara, and like the tail, the hair color can be diffrent; being either purple with pink streaks, or pink with purple streaks. The back of the doll is unpainted, both the top and tail are molded on.

Official description

This wonderfully colorful mermaid doll makes a marvelous splash in the sea! A gorgeously decorated tail, detailed accents and color-streaked hair set imaginations sailing. Inspired by her fairytale gem kingdom, Barbie® mermaid doll wears a glittery purple bodice with sparkling sculpted “gems" and has a vibrant pink and purple ombré tail. A removable matching tiara looks adorable in her pink-and purple-streaked hair.

Tell all kinds of tales with this gorgeous mermaid, and collect them all to expand the fairytale fun and storytelling possibilities, because with Barbie®, you can be anything (each sold separately, subject to availability).

Includes mermaid doll with removable tiara. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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