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Barbie Groom and Glam Pups is a browser game. It was a special sneak peek of the video game of the same name.[2]

How to Play[]

"Have a blast playing with your new puppy pal!

  1. Click to pick your dog!
  2. Choose the perfect name.
  3. Dress your pup in cute outfits.
  4. Pick a background, then take a picture!
  5. Get a photo you can print or save!"[3]


"1. Click to pick a pup!" - Players are able to pick between two dog breeds: Samoyed and Yorkie.

"2. Choose a name!" - The player can choose one of these names: Foxy, Fluffy, Spot, Tiger, Lady, Lucky, Snowball, Beauty, Jojo, Coco, Diva, Dolly, BonBon, Fido, Fifi, Gumdrop, Honey, Goldie, Hot Dog, Luna, Kiki, Cosmo, Taco, Pinky, Pumpkin, Ruby, Skippy, and Sugar.

"The Boutique
Click to pick fashions and accessories for your stylin' pup!" - The dogs can wear a hat, tiara, glasses, wigs, four different tops, and four different costumes. They can either face forwards, or be turn 3/4 to the left or right.

"Now let's take a picture!
First, choose a background." - The player cna choose between four backgrounds.

"Click to take a pic!" - The player has to click to take a photo of the dog in order to proceed.

"Now add a message to your photo!" - There are six messages that can be added.

  • "World's Cutest Pup"
  • "Happy Birthday!"
  • "BFFs 4Ever!"
  • "Get Well Soon!"
  • "I ♥ You!"
  • "You're a Great Friend!"

"Wow! Your dog is so glam!" - The player can print their picture and message or save it. They can also do a new photoshoot, or restart the game.[4]


Fashions and Accessories[]