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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is an animated series by Mainframe Studios. It premiered on Netflix. The official description reads, "Get to know Barbie and her BFFs -- including next-door neighbor Ken -- in this animated vlog of adventures filmed inside her family's new dreamhouse."[1] The full version of the theme song was released on May 19, 2018, and there is an app for the show. A new series, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts!, premiered on November 7, 2019.[2]


Animation World Network posted news about the series on October 12, 2016 after Mattel Creations announced Barbie Dolphin Magic. Barbie Dreamtopia: The Series, and Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. Animation World Network wrote that, "Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures (26 x 22') is another brand new Barbie series developed for an older audience of 5 to 11 year olds, with a realistic and modern CGI look and answering requests from fans to learn more about Barbie and her family. The new episodic show will chronicle the adventures of Barbie and her sisters, Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper, as they take the viewer along for their wild adventures that will have every girl believing that anything is possible."

The article also said, "Barbie and her fun-loving sisters, Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper take you on their wild adventures in a new animated comedy series. From their Dreamhouse in Malibu to escapades around the globe, they navigate life's ups and downs with plenty of laughs, musical numbers, and just enough sparkle and fantasy that will have every girl believing that anything is possible."

Christopher Keenan, Senior Vice President Global Content & Executive Producer at Mattel Creations, said, "Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures is a playful, CG-animated 'sitcom' aimed at the six to 11-year-old audience where comedy is the order of the day."[3]

On September 18, 2017, Barbie Dolphin Magic was released exclusively to Netflix. It was advertised as a "Dreamhouse Adventures special".

A sneak peek of the show was uploaded to YouTube on March 26, 2018. The description says, "Get a first-ever, sneak peek into the brand new series, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures! This hilarious and heartwarming new show follows the everyday life of Barbie as she embarks upon exciting adventures with her family and friends—including Ken! From fun road trips to sister shenanigans, Barbie discovers that with a little bit of help and a whole lot of laughter, you can be anything! Available on Netflix May 2018 (U.S. only. Launch dates and platforms will vary across countries. Check local listings for more details."[4]

On April 20, 2018, Toonbarn reported, "Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures will debut on Netflix in the United States on May 3rd. The show's rollout will be regional, with local broadcasters open to airing the show."[5]

On April 25, 2018, Barbie tweeted "Peek into #Barbie's everyday life filled with sister shenanigans, fun road trips and exciting adventures in the all-new series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, coming to @Netflix Thursday, May 3!" with a trailer for the show.[6]

Season 1 premiered on May 3, 2018[7], and won the 2018 Cynopsis Imagination Award for K6-11 Show Exclusively for a Streaming Platform. On October 5, 2018, Mattel announced the green-lit of a 26-episode length second season. The series began airing internationally from fall 2018.[8] Season 2 premiered on September 13, 2018,[9] and season 3 premiered on February 14, 2019.[10]. Season 3 is followed by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts!.



Title Release Date Description
1. "Barbie Dolphin Magic" September 17, 2017 While visiting Ken and exploring a coral reef, Barbie and her sisters make an amazing discovery and meet a mysterious new friend.[11]

Season 1

"Get to know Barbie and her BFFs -- including next-door neighbor Ken -- in this animated vlog of adventures filmed inside her family's new dreamhouse."[12]

Title Release Date Description
1. "Welcome to the Dreamhouse" May 3, 2018 Barbie's "Best Day Ever" starts out great ... until strange things start happening inside her family's dreamhouse. Could their new digs be cursed?
2. "Clubhouse (Remix)" May 3, 2018 Barbie and her friends plan a birthday surprise for Chelsea by making over her backyard clubhouse. But their mission takes a smelly detour.
3. "Nobody's Cupcake" May 3, 2018 Barbie puts her skills to the test when she competes on an extreme baking show against a reigning champ who loves to win -- and hates to lose.
4. "The Great Pioneer Adventure" May 3, 2018 The Roberts clan gets back to basics when Dad challenges them to a weekend of pioneer living. And the catch? It's all happening in their own backyard.
5. "Baby Sister Babysitter" May 3, 2018 When Skipper snags her first babysitting job, an overprotective Barbie goes overboard trying to make sure everything runs smoothly.
6. "Road Trip" May 3, 2018 Barbie and her friends take a road trip to hear Daisy drop the beat at a major music festival. But Daisy keeps finding reasons to stall along the way.
7. "Picture Perfect Cake" May 3, 2018 Skipper steps in to handle her parents' 20th anniversary party when Barbie gets a once-in-a-lifetime invitation to attend Robot Con.
8. "The Roof Fairy" May 3, 2018 With their parents away for the night, Barbie, Skipper and Stacie recruit Ken for an elaborate plan to bring Chelsea’s imaginary "Roof Fairy" to life.

Season 2

"Barbie and her friends are living the dream, whether they're hanging at the beach, baking cookies -- or locked inside an escape room!"

Title Release Date Description
1. "Balancing Act" September 13, 2018 Barbie feels like she's getting too old for her father-daughter tradition, so she passes it down to Chelsea. But is she really ready to let it go?
2. "Life Can Be a Dream" September 13, 2018 Thinking about the future prompts Barbie to have a dream where anything's possible -- and everything's really, really weird.
3. "Trey Is for Horses" September 13, 2018 When Barbie discovers Duchess the horse is going to be sold, she and Stacie come up with a plan to keep her around.
4. "A Dreamhouse Puppy Tale" September 13, 2018 Instead of reading a book at bedtime, Chelsea tells her family a story about their puppies' secret -- and surprisingly dangerous -- lives.
5. "Time Will Tell" September 13, 2018 While trying out a new escape room with their friends, Barbie and Ken get separated from the group and wind up on an adventure of their own.
6. "Putts for Pups" September 13, 2018 Chelsea's campaign to raise money for puppy literacy continues with a miniature golf challenge that involves the whole neighborhood.
7. "Pied Pupper" September 13, 2018 From dancing to baking, the unstoppable Barbie Roberts can do anything ... except ask for help when she needs it most.
8. "A Day at the Beach" September 13, 2018 Fate turns the tide on Trey and Barbie when they compete for the best spot on the beach. Back at the Dreamhouse, Stacie tries to set a world record.
9. "A Delicate Situation" September 13, 2018 Renee's desperate to impress her relatives in China, but Barbie doesn't have the heart to tell her that her "talents" need an awful lot of work.

Season 3

"Joined by her friends, Barbie hits the road -- visiting the beach, her aunt's house in Wisconsin and a Mermaid Convention."

Title Release Date Description
1. "Virtually Famous" February 14, 2019 Barbie's friends want to be internet celebrities, but learn that fame isn't all it's cracked up to be when their goofy vlog post goes viral.
2. "All Dogs Go to the Beach" February 14, 2019 When dogs are banned from the beach, Barbie and Nikki take their fight to City Hall -- and have to deal with Poppy Reardon.
3. "The Ballad of Windy Willows" February 14, 2019 Barbie and Daisy go to Barbie's hometown in Wisconsin, where they try to save her beloved Aunt Adele’s inn.
4. "Room Swap" February 14, 2019 To break up the fight between Stacie and Skipper, Barbie offers to trade rooms. But soon, the Roberts sisters learn that no roommate is perfect.
5. "Getaway and Got Away" February 14, 2019 Ken and Barbie try to embark on a relaxing weekend at the spa, but end up getting caught up in an adventure with the owner's grandson.
6. "Totally Spying" February 14, 2019 Trey gets hurt on the Roberts' property, so the family is extra nice to him. But Barbie suspects that the demanding neighbor is up to something.
7. "Barbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid Part 1" February 14, 2019 Barbie and her friends try to impress a fashion idol at a mermaid convention, but things take a turn when the sisters become suspects in a mystery.
8. "Barbie Roberts: Undercover Mermaid Part 2" February 14, 2019 With her sisters in trouble for a prank gone wrong, it’s up to Barbie to prove their innocence and catch the thief.
9. "A Dog's Day in Court" February 14, 2019 The Roberts family could be evicted from their Dreamhouse unless Barbie can figure out who is behind Malibu’s sudden flea infestation.




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